Sylvie Guillem is widely regarded as “the most brilliant ballerina of her generation”
The Guardian

Russell Maliphant has developed a unique approach to choreography, encompassing elements of ballet and contemporary dance as well as capoeira, t’ai chi and martial arts, to create an evening that is "as spectacular a showcase for Sylvie Guillem's unique gifts as anyone could devise"
New York Times

The production features four works, including Two, a dazzling solo which seems to trap Guillem in a box of light. The works are complemented by Michael Hulls' stunning lighting and accompanied by music from Andy Cowton, Carlos Montoya and Shirley Thompson.

Since its debut in 2005, PUSH has received four major awards: an Olivier Award, a Time Out Award, Best Choreography (Modern) at the National Dance Awards and the South Bank Show Dance Award.

Creative Team
CHOREOGRAPHY: Russell Maliphant
LIGHTING: Michael Hulls
MUSIC: Andy Cowton, Carlos Montoya and Shirley Thompson.
PERFORMED BY: Russell Maliphant, Sylvie Guillem