Liam Scarlett has said that his aim as a choreographer is to translate music into vivid life and movement. In his new work for the Norwegian National Ballet, Vespertine, he has selected music he has been inspired by, including that of the Italian violinist and composer Arcangelo Corelli .

Vespertine is Scarlett's second creation for the Norwegian National Ballet, having created a new Firebird earlier in the autumn of 2013 to Igor Stravinsky's music. With Vespertine, he goes even further back in musical history, to the Baroque era.

Vespertine is an abstract work with direct echoes of the period and the music. The harmonies, juxtaposition and atmosphere created by these pieces of music have been the springboard for Scarlett's inspiration; each piece describes a small episode of events, interpreted through the dancers.

"I have been concerned that the aesthetics and visual appearance of the pieces should be as harmonious as and in accordance with the score which Bjarte Eike has created. The fabric and the finished costumes' fullness, lightness and elegance should be equally stringent and beautiful as music itself. The whole Baroque was in itself a period where art inspired music which inspired sculptural art which inspired dress sense and which in turn inspired a lifestyle. It is a time that will never come back, but that will never be forgotten." (Scarlett, 2013)

Choreography & costumes: Liam Scarlett
Lighting design: Michael Hulls
Music: Bjarte Eike: Through the Mist / John Dowland: Lachrimae antique / Arcangelo Corelli: Concerto Grosso op 6 nr 4 i D-dur / Francesco Geminiani: La follia Performed by dancers of the Norwegian National Ballet
Photography by Erik Berg