‘Michael Hulls’ lighting is breathtaking.’
‘With Hulls exceeding even his own astounding standards, AfterLight is a work that consumes the eye and seduces the senses.’
The Times

‘A superb piece’
The Sunday Times

‘A ravishing arena of light’
‘Hulls’ lighting is vital, the shadowed action awakening our perceptions about the dance’
The Financial Times

‘Mesmerisingly beautiful’
The Observer

‘Michael Hulls’ wonderfully moody lighting is occasionally murky. However, his shadows seem to breath with the choreography, fading, flowing and growing
to unequivocally sensuous effect.’
The Evening Standard

‘A miniature masterpiece’
The Telegraph

‘Michael Hulls’ lighting is miraculous’
‘The lighting is never less than astonishing.’
‘What Hulls is doing is nothing less than giving visual shape to the transforming power of the dancing body and the dancing imagination.’
The Guardian

'Michael Hulls’s mesmerising lighting'
The Spectator

‘Michael Hulls’ ingenious lighting’
The Stage

‘The genius of Michael Hulls’
‘I have never before felt a front gauze so unobtrusive, so imperceptible – it is a curtain of air, merely, upon which Hulls paints.’
The Arts Desk