‘Michael Hulls’ sumptuous lighting’
The Telegraph

‘These configurations are given a rapt beauty by the colour and radiance of Michael Hulls’ lighting.’
The Guardian

‘Beautifully lit by Michael Hulls’

‘Beautifully lit’
The London Evening Standard

‘Michael Hulls’ vivid lighting’
The New York Times


‘With exquisite lighting by Michael Hulls Fallen is a remarkable piece adorned with striking imagery.’
The Times

‘Maliphant is a genius, so is Michael Hulls and so are the Ballet Boyz for having taken risks so rewardingly for all of us.’
The Arts Desk

‘Harsh, defining lighting from Hulls’
The Telegraph

‘Michael Hulls’ dark, moody lighting underpins the tightly coiled feel of the work, it’s tribal energy and fluent attack.’
The New York Times

‘Well lit’
The Financial Times

‘Michael Hulls focuses on the dramatisation of illuminated shadow and shades of darkness, pushing a sense of staunch drama.’
The Stage